These are entities which are regulated by an internationally recognised regulatory body and have undergone AML checks which in turn allows you to take comfort in thier risk status.  Regulated entities can fall under one of the below entity types;

  • Commercial Banks
  • Registered Securities Brokers
  • Investment Advisors
  • Mutual Funds
  • Insurance Firms
  • Private Corporations
  • Public Corporations

Please ensure that you check which regulatory bodies are approved by your firm to ensure that the minimum requirements apply.  Any entity regulated by a non approved regulator will require additional information and analysis highlighted below in the additional requirements section.

Sample KYC Requirements

Full legal name and address of entity
Proof of regulation
Government ID
Nature of business
Type of business to be conducted
Document Translations (if applicable)
For a branch of a regulated entity;

Link to parent or Head Office
For entities regulated by an unapproved regulator;
Name and country of domicile of CEO/ President/ Managing General Partner.

Identify shareholders/ beneficial owners with 10%+ shareholding.
PEP & Negative News Search

Other Requirements

Please refer to your firm’s KYC guidelines for specific requirements needed to deal with your case.